Hello everyone and welcome. We are giving away a total of $1200, and when we say we, I mean we at Church Social. Hidden within our online articles are prizes for our Church Social community members.
We have now posted this month’s prize amount. To find out how you can take part in this adventure. Visit Church Social.ca and click on the link titled gifts.
Game Rules
Each week we release new articles with information that will point you to gifts hidden within our blogs.
Reading the articles, you will come across links, photos, and scriptures that will direct you to the information or action you will need to take to claim your gift.
You will need to be the first to submit the information needed to claim the listed gift of the week. And you will also need to have a fully updated profile.


  • You must be a member of Church Social
  • You must have an updated and verified profile
  • You must have at least one activity listed


  • Your membership will qualify you to take part in the contest
  • Your profile information will be used to reach you
  • Your activity online will show you are a real person

Gift Payout and Delivery

  • E-transfer – Using your e-mail on file
  • Delivery – Can be made at local locations
  • Mail- Using the information on your profile

Each winner will be listed online with comments and testimonies regarding their experience and to encourage others as we continue to grow together…