How will the kingdom of God replace the kingdoms of this world, and how will the antichrist and the governments and people supporting his rule come to their end? To understand how these things will finally come to be, we will first need to accept the reality God is a God of the past, current, and present, and will be forever a key player in human life. 

Why do I say for us to understand how these things will come to be, we will first need to accept the reality God is a key player in human life? I say these things because at present no one understands the reality of this world is the reality of God’s kingdom to come. 

Investigating the Past and the future to come

As we investigate the world, we exclude God from human history, and because we have excluded God from human history, we do not seem to understand the sequence of things that have led to the fall of great empires is the work of God and a promise kept according to the words spoken against Lucifer.  The Great Enmity

In Genesis 3:14 God told Lucifer, “Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:”  

According to God and the promise he made, Lucifer will not succeed in building an eternal and lasting kingdom on earth, and so throughout history, we have seen the remnants of kingdoms God destroyed.  

The Fall of Mighty Kingdoms

Lucifer if we need to know has attempted to establish many kingdoms on earth so that he might become a god over the nations. This was the discussion Lucifer had with Adam. The lying promise and offer Lucifer made with Adam and his wife? He would reveal and share with them the secrets and knowledge of God and become their counsel and together they could rebel against God and have their own kingdom. 

This, however, was a deceptive trap for Lucifer to destroy his rival humanity whom God had made king over the nations on earth. Creating Adam in his image and likeness, God gave Adam the authority to reign as a king representing God.  

Adam was created to look like God, and to possess the qualities of God, he was created in the likeness and favour of God because he was made to be like his Creator. And giving Adam these qualities, God had placed Adam on his throne, the promise Jesus promised to keep upon his return. 

Lucifer’s plan is to establish a kingdom over which he will rule, and over many thousands of years, he has made attempts to do what he set out to do. The kingdoms we saw that have impacted the world and have given us the cultures we see today, were the Hittite kingdom, the Assyrian kingdom, the Babylonian kingdom, the Persian kingdom, the Greek Kingdom, the Roman kingdom, and most recently the Ottoman kingdom. 

God intervening in Human History

When God intervened to destroy Lucifer’s attempt of establishing a lasting kingdom, He would often raise up a new king and kingdom to replace the first. These exchanges would come in the form of wars, a broken economy, followed by sickness, followed by death that would cripple the empire. 

Then after these things have taken their course upon the kingdom and its people, and after the once great armies are defeated. A new king would come to sit on the throne of that once great and mighty empire, and its people, economy, and treasury would fall into the hands of the new king. 

This is how empires change hands, before the breakout of war there would be a call to surrender, and if no diplomatic deal or solution can be reached, then what will follow is the breakout of war. And during this time of war, we would find death, a shortage of supplies, then starvation, then more death, and the defeat of armies, and to follow, the death of the king.

God’s Kingdom at the Door

The kingdom of God is already treading this path, Jesus has sent us out into the world to proclaim the gospel, which is the proclamation of the kingdom of God. This is God’s diplomatic process before he sits to judge the kings of the earth. We preach repentance, this is the call to surrender, God’s diplomatic process giving the nations of the world the opportunity to find peace with God.  

But because the king that is leading the world is determined to lay claim to what is not his, which is the throne of God and that of Jesus the son of God, what will follow is the war, and the way God will fight this war will first be with the weapons of worldly and natural disasters that will bring sickness and death upon the land, and to follow the appearance of Jesus Christ who will put down the antichrist.  Bible Gateway

Now, regarding this truth John wrote, in Revelation 1:7, “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.” The world will wail because of Christ, and the cloud that is with Christ because of the blood of men Christ will spill on the day of his appearance.