When we consider how we came into what we believe and the word of God, we are to understand it was and is the story of a man, our ancestor and father Adam. He was the one to have first told the story concerning a coming savior.

And it may not seem important for us to discover who wrote the bible, but on a very important level it is important because it is vital in proving who we are, where we are heading, and that there is indeed a God in heaven.

First, we can prove there is a God by discovering who wrote the bible because it is the story of Adam, the history of his life, and what he had done to put us in this position we are in today.

We are all going to one day died, and the reason we have come to discover we are going to die, it was because of a rebellion that took place in the garden of God. And what we need to know is that it is the story of Adam and his confession.

We have the bible today because it is the confession of Adam and his counsel on how we are to live, and not follow after the sinful nature of our hearts.

Adam wrote the story of Genesis, and passed it on to his children, and the reason he did this is similar to how we today are advising our children concerning life and guiding them so that they would not make the same mistakes we made in life.

So, when we read the book of Genesis, we can hear Adam speaking to his children, and the story he tells is a story on how foolish he was, and how we are not to follow after his example rebelling against God.

We do these things today; we look back in our lives and we counsel our children and told them not to do what we did in the past because it was foolish.

However, the difference between us and Adam, is that we do not have a bible written concerning our lives. Nevertheless, what we have today are our memories, memories we share with our children concerning things we have done and how it is best for them not to follow.

Therefore, we know Adam is the one telling the story to his children who told it to their children until the flood came in the days of Noah. And from there, Noah would pass the story on to his children, and can we guess who wrote the story concerning the flood.

If you say Noah, you got it right, he experienced it, he survived it, and today we have these stories because they are stories of real people our ancestors who lived a lifetime ago.

So, when we consider the reason for the bible, we have the bible today because it is the story of our past and what we need to do in order to be saved. It is the story of our fathers.