To understand the mysteries of the bible, it is good that we now understand who the author of the first few pages of the bible was. And, it is equally good for us to understand, the history of our past was passed down from one father to another leading up to the great flood.

It would also be equally good for us to understand, that in the minds of early men, the words of their fathers were treasures to live by, and that they kept these records very secure.

As a result, they were able to entrust the hope of salvation, and the records of their history from generation to generation leading up to the coming of our savior.

This was the mission of the men of old and having been faithful to have kept the records of their fathers secure, we have the complete work of human history from those we call the family of God, from Adam to our current time bound together to form what we now call the bible.

This is good news because it will now help us understand the language of Adam and why when we read some of things in the bible, they read the way they are. Such the statement made in Genesis 3:1.

Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.” And talks about the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But understanding Adam was the one who wrote the bible, and the one who was deceived by Lucifer. We can understand why statements like the one mentioned in Genesis 3:1 was made concerning Lucifer.

Because the question we have today concerning that statement made in Genesis 3:1 is, “Was it really a serpent that approached Eve and deceived her to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and was there truly two trees from which to eat in the garden?

If we understand the language, we can break these things apart, and knowing who wrote the bible, and viewing things through his eyes, and from his perspective, we can truly understand these statements that has left many of us so mystified for years.

So, if you were to ask me if it is important for us to know who wrote the bible, and for us to understand the bible is the collection of the written words of our ancestors who encountered God, and that of the first man who saw God face to face. I would say.

For us to understand the mysteries of the bible, we need to know who wrote each parts of the bible; passing on the information to their children after them so that we might recover the ancient language of Adam.