Why Only Jesus?

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We need to answer the question everyone in the world would like to have answered, a question directed at born again Christians who believe the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. We understand not everyone believes in life after death, or we could say not everyone is holding to the truth there is life after death because the one thing we are good at as human beings is denying what we know to be the truth.

Because of what born again Christians believe, sin gives us the ability to suppress the truth which is the reason we can lie, kill, and commit adultery and live with it, but not in peace because it eats away at our happiness. But if we can live with it for any period without confronting the truth, it is said we are beyond repair and are condemned to judgment because of our dead consciences.

But getting back to the question as to why born-again Christians believe Jesus is the only way to heaven, if we will accept the truth, we can find the answer in the story of Genesis that outlines the promise of redemption and the New Testament that fulfills the promise.

One of the reasons born again Christians believe Jesus is the only way to God or heaven comes from the story of Genesis where Adam and his wife disobeyed God. After they were told to obey God’s word not to eat from the tree that produces the knowledge of good and evil, Adam and his wife failed to believe God and did what God told them not to do.

Adam and his wife quickly learned the first lesson every human being from that point on will need to discover at an early stage of their lives if they are to survive, and that is the word of God is true and must not be broken.

Disobeying God’s word, Adam and his wife opened the door to death, an angel who is bent on destroying human beings. Opening that door, the angel of death began to enforce God’s word, “The day you eat from that tree you shall surely die” and because of our disobedience, the evidence of death is something we can see and experience today.

Because of the reality of death and our inability to defeat death, we human beings need to find ourselves a savior.  And unknowingly to the world, the quest for a savior is not new to Christianity, because according to Genesis, God made the promise to crush the power of his enemy and the spirit of death. The promise was to rescue human beings from the power of death, and sin which is human rebellion.

Human rebellion according to born again Christians is the human will to fight against God resulting in living and building a society that is based on laws that are Antichrist, a life that is in direct rebellion to what God commands we live by. Nevertheless, God leaves on the table the offer of salvation which only he can provide, and the promise was that he was going to send his son into the world to crush the power of his enemy that he might save his people from their rebellion.

In time, God would keep his promise by sending his son into the world born of a virgin to prove the Son he sent into the world was not like any other human being on earth. He was indeed from God, born to fulfill God’s promise to destroy the works of sin and his enemy who has invaded his creation to destroy human beings, his people.

Coming to adulthood, Jesus begin his ministry by declaring who he was, God also confirming Jesus was his son, and after choosing twelve disciples, Jesus began to demonstrate his authority over life by raising the dead, healing the sick, and subduing the powers of darkness with his word.

Jesus also challenged the current religious system in place, preached the coming kingdom, and confirm upon his disciples the mission to spread the message of God’s covenant promise throughout the world.

After spending three years in ministry, Jesus gave his life on the cross promising he would rise again from the dead in three days. Publicly he was executed by the Romans, placed in a tomb with Roman guards posted at the entrance that was covered with a great stone secured in place with rebars, and the Roman seal. Anyone to have broken the seal without proper Roman authority would face the ultimate punishment of crucifixion, and any guard or guards failing to keep their post would also be put to death.

But despite all the security that was in place, and the authority that was placed on the tomb, Jesus by his power rose from the grave when the angel of God descended on the grave and rolled the stone away. By the power of God, the angel of God defies Roman authority, the most powerful empire of its time. The angel by the word of God broke through the ranks of the Roman guards, ignored the Roman seal, and out came Jesus as promised.

After his resurrection, that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, something amazing also took place, the tombs of those believing before the arrival of Jesus Christ were opened and out, they came at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This event would change the course of life for many in Rome society because, at their resurrection, they went and visit their families preached the gospel of God’s kingdom and upon seeing their once dead relatives many came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Because of these overwhelming pieces of evidence, many came to believe in Jesus and passing the story down throughout the ages the generation of those believing disciples continued throughout the ages in fulfillment of God’s word.

Therefore, it is difficult to convince a disciple of Jesus he is not the only way to God and or heaven because as we can see in the world around us, death is a reality we are trying to explain and defeat. And out of every religion on earth only one has shown proof it is true, Christianity, whose king is Jesus the only way because Jesus out of all who claimed to be the Messiah was the only one to have been raised from the dead and with him brought back many to life.

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