Be Born Again

If you are asking the question “What does it mean to be born again, and how can we believe Jesus did come back from the dead after he was crucified by the Romans some two thousand years ago,” The answer can be found in the question “What does it mean to be born again?”

We can believe Jesus did indeed rise from the dead because of the evidence we have from the Holy Spirit. We may not have been there, but we have with us a flood of evidence from which to draw our assurances.

One such evidence is the testimonies of those living during the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. We have the governor Pontius Pilate who gave the order to crucify Jesus, we have the Jewish leaders who hated Jesus, and we have the testimony of his disciples who continued to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ after his resurrection.

But if that was not enough to convince us, we have Jesus Christ himself who has visited every born-again Christian revealing the truth concerning what we have read and heard preached throughout the ages. Born again Christians are not believers without evidence, we came to believe in Jesus first by accepting the testimonies of those who were there. Secondly, we begin to believe the impossible, the truth someone can be raised from the dead by the power of God, and thirdly, we believe in the one who God sent to redeem humanity.

After reading the testimonies of both the enemies of Jesus and those who loved him, and looking closely at the evidence around us, we confess with our mouth Jesus Christ to be Lord as we offer ourselves to him. However, our conversion was not by our own power, for before we even came to that moment of confession in our lives, God was already at work searching for his people and children to whom the kingdom of God belonged.

Sending his son into the world, God was in search of his children, and upon hearing the message of God, as children of God trying to find our way home found our Father when we heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recognize Jesus to be the one God sent to rescue us from sin and rebellion, and upon recognizing Jesus, we accepted his word and promise.

Upon accepting the word of Jesus, reading the testimonies of those he sent to proclaim the kingdom of God, and the testimonies of his enemies, God confirmed we are his sons by giving us his Holy Spirit. In other words, God through Jesus upon our acknowledgment of Jesus as king separated us from the world and through this separation placed us in his kingdom, and upon placing us in his kingdom gave us eternal life and the knowledge of himself.

At that moment, our minds were changed, our lifestyle changes, and our conversation was also affected by this change. We begin to speak more about the kingdom of God, preached the gospel of Jesus Christ because of the new mind in us. We no longer see the world the way we used to before Jesus came into our lives, we were born again, meaning transformed into God’s creation to be able to see the kingdom of God.

Our response to Jesus Christ was not because we were not God’s sons. Before Jesus came into the world, we were God’s sons but born under the control of sin, our first action as we grow up in this world was to live in sin which is rebellion against God. We lived this way because sin had a hold on our lives, we were slaves to sin, we were under its leadership, and because we were, we lived the way sin commands we do.

Nevertheless, a part of us was searching for freedom, the freedom from death, sickness, and the hopelessness of living a life that seems temporary; temporary with the threat of death and eternal punishment; the mystery many in the world fears today. But when we heard God’s word, we responded to it, not because we were not God’s sons, we responded because we were God’s sons and because we were God’s sons, God gave us his Holy Spirit confirming we were his sons found and delivered from the power of sin.

By nature of this world, we came in under the power of sin and the flesh, but by nature of God through Jesus Christ, we are born of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to be born again is not only to say we believe in Jesus Christ, but it is also to be born again by the Spirit of God who will generate in us the life of Jesus Christ and the power to live forever in the eternal kingdom of God prepared for his people.

The born-again experience is something God performs in his people, and there is always the possibility for us to reject the experience. As children of God, it is possible for us to consciously reject our inheritance, but it will have to be by choice and our human will. However, if we choose to live by the will and life of God that is now in us, we will do what pleases God, we will hold on to the inheritance we have in Jesus; although, it is possible through human will to walk away from it, but when we combined our human will with the choice to accept our Father, we will live the restored life we have in Jesus.

Anyone can be born again, but for us to be born again it will take the human will combine with the will of the Spirit of God for us to come into the experience of God’s life. It is impossible for us to understand why born-again Christians believe the way they do or live the way they lived if we do not have God’s Spirit, for it is the Spirit of God who gives us the eyes to see, and the heart to understand what the world cannot otherwise see nor understand when it comes to the things of God. For “except a man be born again he will not see the kingdom of God.”