Possess the Kingdom

We read our bibles, we memorize scriptures, and we sing songs of praise, but then we wonder among ourselves concerning God’s kingdom. We read the words of Jesus and are willing to carry out his will that commands us to preach the kingdom, but as we go, we find we are lacking understanding concerning the kingdom of God.

There is no doubt Jesus wants us to possess the kingdom of God, his command for us to “Preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Is confirmation he has given us the kingdom to exercise his power in this world. But what is the kingdom of God and how can we see the kingdom of God that we might know we are in possession of the kingdom because unless we come to fully understand what the kingdom of God is, we may never with confidence fulfill God’s word.

It is one thing to read the words of God, and it is another to confidently work toward fulfilling them. And if we are not careful, we can become our own downfall because we are standing in the way of progress in God’s kingdom. Not knowing the desire of God is for us to possess the kingdom can cause us to stumble which we have done many times over, and not knowing God has given us the kingdom will give the enemy the space he seeks to prevent us from exercising God’s authority over him.

The enemy is aware the theme and purpose of Christ coming was to redeem his people from their sins, to deliver his people who we are from a fallen mind; the lies of the enemy, and the traps the enemy sets against us. And coming to deliver his people from their sins, Jesus has indicated we were God’s people from the beginning who turned from God to believe a lie that had stripped us of the authority we have in Christ, an authority Christ came to let us know we have with him.

The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is about God restoring his people, or we could say, God, coming to reveal the truth. Because born in sin, and under the spirit of lies, we grew up to believe we were not what God said we are from the beginning. We were brought up to believe there was no hope; that this life was all we had. We were brought up to believe the enemy had all the power, that he was the ruler in hell, that the darkness was something to fear, but when Jesus came and showed us through his life, he was God, we begin to see the light.

By and through his power,  Jesus drove out demons, raised the dead, and heal many sick among us, and when they nailed Him to the cross, mocked him, and insulted him; he did not listen to the voice of his enemies, but openly and publicly gave up his life for all to see, so that when he would have lifted up his body from the grave by his own power on the third day, we could come to know he is the way the truth and the life.

Jesus told us to, “Preach, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons:” And before his death, he demonstrated his power and ability to do the things he commands us to do. We may not have believed him then, but when he gave up his life and rose from the grave, we believed in his faithfulness and his willingness for us to take possession of the kingdom.

But what was the message, Yes! We through Adam had rebelled against God, and rebelling we came under the curse of death, but what we need to understand is that the curse was not God’s will. It was not the will of God that we should perish, instead, God’s will is for us to have everlasting life, and because it was his will from the beginning; although we had rebelled against him, God came in the form of human weakness that he might restore us, that he might give back in our hands the kingdom he willed to us. Genesis 1:26.