As we focus on our mission and obedience to the Lord, we will be focusing on fulfilling and obeying the instruction of Jesus Christ to go into the world and proclaim the gospel.

This project will involve meeting complete strangers and introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and upon their acceptance of the gospel our then focus will be to train them to become fishers of men.

The Invitation

IF you have a heart for the gospel and would like to join us in preaching the gospel throughout the whole earth, please join us and let us know you would like to partner with us.

Follow this link and fill out the form and we will get in touch with you. Also, check our events calendar for dates concerning our out reach ministry…

The Plan and Mission  

Go out and make disciples – Go into every city and town and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those far away from Christ and are in danger of falling in judgment.  

  • Know the needs of the community – reach out to community groups leaders and other missions within that community to learn more about the needs of that community and found out some of the challenges they are facing. 
  • Plan a mission to meet the community and supply those needs along with sharing Jesus Christ and his love with that community 
  • Ensure the support is sustainable by looking at the overall problems and needs of the community and provide solutions that will equip each person with that community to sustain themselves in a practical way.  
  • Set up workshops to train those in need within those communities to help them in the Long-term meet their needs and objectives.  
  • Establish a base of operation to reach souls and to replicate the plan within those communities to be a constant light within those communities establish the gospel, a church and sustainability. 

Support Needed 

Christians to come together and join us on this mission…