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Russia Secures Oil- Libya

Hello everyone and welcome to Spectacle for Christ News Cast. Today’s article out of the Middle East is brought to you by  an editor of the Jerusalem Post. Commented on by Kevin Simpson founder of Speatcle For Christ Ministries.

Now that Gadaffi is out and there is now a great divine within Libya, In a move that illustrates new levels of boldness, Russian fighters have seized one of the largest oil fields in Libya. The Es Sider oil field was one of the main economic pipelines for the Government of National Accord. Over the last seven months, the Libyan National Army (LNA) has held a stranglehold on oil exports.

The LNA, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, has struggled militarily as of late, suffering defeat after defeat since June. Now the LNA is looking to negotiate using the oil fields for leverage, effectively keeping the economy hostage. Libyan oil exports have been reduced to around a tenth of their original production.

Over the last month, Haftar’s allies have taken further steps to save their investment from failure. Egypt’s parliament approved the deployment of troops into eastern Libya, making Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s threat of violence all the more real. Egypt’s involvement is political; it holds deep resentment toward the GNA’s Muslim Brotherhood roots.

Russia, on the other hand, is looking for influence and oil. Russia’s increasing involvement in Libya complicates a wide variety of conflicts. Turkey is the primary backer of the GNA. Russia sells arms to Turkey and is already supporting the Syrian government, which has regularly been at odds with Turkey over Northern Syria. Russia’s support of the LNA puts them in direct conflict with Turkey on another front.

While this move benefits Haftar and the LNA, Russia is protecting itself. Securing the oil fields ensures that Russia can push for access no matter who wins the civil war.

The United States is well aware of these actions, moving to sanction the group responsible for the seizure. The Wagner Group is responsible for taking over the Es Sider oil field and port, and reports indicate it has set up camp to monitor its new asset. The Kremlin has not taken credit or commented on these actions thus far.  Source link… 

Spectacle For Christ Comments: (SFC)

So what does this all mean for the Middle East? At the moment it may not seem like much to the rest of the world in North America, but what we are seeing is the development and positioning of the nations to have a stronghold in the Middle East as they strive to become the next global power after America falls or pass on the baton to the next rising power.

While most people in America are failing to believe America will fall or hand over the baton to the next world power, these developments are a sign of the times and that we are moving ever closer to the return of Jesus Christ.

But let us be reminded, Revelation 1:3 “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”  It means we are to keep ourselves informed, watch and guard ourselves against the coming day, or prepare for what God is about to do so that we might escape the great battle known as the Day of the Lord that will bring an end to the fourth beast or the last opposing empire to the reign of Jesus Christ.

It should not be a surprise to Christians, these events are unfolding in the Middle East the stage on which our God will receive glory and dominion after he defeats the nations. Remember, there is a coming and final empire that will persecute the saints of God, but let us also remember, we will overcome him, we will defeat him, but we must prepare ourselves as we approach these final hours.

But how should we prepare? that we will share with you in our upcoming series on the book of Revelation that is connected to the message found in Psalm one… Why don’t you subscribe and follow us… Listen & Watch.


Christian author, blogger, and founder of Spectacle for Christ Ministries a Bible commentary, and teaching ministry.

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Christian author, blogger, and founder of Spectacle for Christ Ministries a Bible commentary, and teaching ministry.

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