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Crown of Glory

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Thessalonians One

Mark 10:29-31 “Truly I say unto you, there is no man that has left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s,

But you shall receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin President and Founder of the Spectacle for Christ. Today we would like to continue with our review of 1 Thessalonians and the reason behind Paul writing to the Church in Thessalonians. We are today reading from chapter two of 1 Thessalonians.

Paul wrote to the Church in Thessalonians, and from what we can see, he wrote to the Church because of the report coming back to him in Asia. And having heard such great news, Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy wrote to the Church to encourage them and to confirm their faith in the Lord.

Paul then went on to show the church how genuine their faith was, and reminded the church the gospel they heard and believed came not from a heart of deceit, nor was it preached through falsehood, but that in the face of hardship the gospel was preached unto them.

It was with much persecution the gospel was preached showing the work and investment in the kingdom of God is not based on falsehood. Because if it was based on falsehood, they the apostles would have left off preaching the gospel because of the persecution that came with it.

But although they were facing persecution for the sake of the gospel, they stood firm so that the gospel came to Thessalonians, and having heard the gospel they believed, and believing, the work of faith is fruitful in their lives.

1 Thessalonians 2:1-7 For yourselves, brethren, know our entrance in unto you, that it was not in vain: But even after that we had suffered before, and were shamefully entreated, as you know, at Philippi, we were bold in our God to speak unto you the gospel of God with much contention.

For our exhortation was not of deceit, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile: But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which tried our hearts.

For neither at any time used we flattering words as ye know, nor a cloke of covetousness; God is witness: Nor of men sought we glory, neither of you, nor yet of others, when we might have been burdensome, as the apostles of Christ. But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherished her children:

The apostles came not with the gospel to flatter, or to seek glory, or to boast through their conversion for self glory, instead, they came in truth to preach the salvation of the Lord to all that they might know the truth of God’s kingdom to come.

Therefore, instead of earning a living through contributions and donations, Paul chose to work with his own hands to support the work of his ministry proving what he did was in truth and without deceit. In this way the gospel preached to the church in Thessalonian was the pure and undefiled gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, with all they had done and suffered despite the persecution they face, these things that was brought to mind showed the gospel the church came to believe is the hope of their salvation in Jesus Christ. Because although Paul could have accepted donations to continue his ministry, he wanted to show the people he came not to please men, nor to deceive, but to share the truth of Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 2:8-12So being affectionately desirous of you, we were willing to have imparted unto you, not the gospel of God only, but also our own souls, because you were dear unto us. For you remember, brethren, our labor and travail: for laboring night and day, because we would not be chargeable unto any of you, we preached unto you the gospel of God.

You are witnesses, and God also, how holy and justly and unblameably we behaved ourselves among you that believe: As you know how we exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a father doth his children, that you would walk worthy of God, who has called you unto his kingdom and glory.”

Having received the gospel of Jesus Christ, Paul was happy to have heard the church was growing in their faith. It moved Paul to write to the church to encourage and confirm the church in the work they were doing.

This was the purpose of the letter to the Church in Thessalonian; it was to encourage the church and to remind the church how the gospel came to them. It came not through deceit, or from men seeking the glory of men.

For the gospel preached was preached in the face of persecution, and the lose of life, and despite being killed all day long for the gospel, the apostles of Christ were willing to lay down their lives showing the genuine nature of their work and faith in Jesus Christ.

1 Thessalonians 2:14-18For you, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.

But we, brethren, being taken from you for a short time in presence, not in heart, undertake the more abundantly to see your face with great desire. Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.”

The desire of Paul was to visit the Church in Thessalonian so that he might be with them in presence. However, on account of the persecution and the objections he was facing and being cast into prison for the gospel, he was not able to visit.

Nevertheless, Paul, then penned the letter to the Church that he might confirm his joy and encourage the church to continue in the faith in the face of hardship. Paul was full of joy being imprisoned and facing execution to have heard that the work done among them was not in vain.

This letter of Paul’s was a letter of encouragement and comfort because of the report coming back to Asia concerning their faith, and it was also a letter to set their hearts at ease regarding the suffering they were facing and will continue to face unto the day of the Lord’s return.

The Church was the fruit and labor of Paul’s faith and he was happy to know they were standing firm in the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming? For you are our glory and joy.”

Jesus had commanded us to bring forth fruit and that our fruit should remain, and in the eyes of Paul, this was his prize and joy, the salvation of the church and the fruit of their work and faith in Jesus Christ.

John 15:16-19 You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain that whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. These things I command you, that you love one another.

If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love his own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

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