Mission Development Plan

As we prepare to launch mission Jericho, the strategy is to target local communities where we would invite the community to come out and hear the word of God preached with the opportunity to accept Jesus as their savior.

The hopeful outcome is to see souls saved, bodies being heal, and Jesus performing miracles among the people to confirm his power and authority. It is to see lives transformed and the great commission fulfilled according to the command of our King.

To accomplish this mission, we will need the support of local churches and members. This mean, we will be asking for individual members within local churches to volunteer their time in preparation for the large event of preaching and calling souls to accept Jesus Christ.

Leading up to the final operation, we first need to prepare by gathering the resources we need to complete this operation. At first, it may seem hard and expensive for us to gather the resources we need, but with the help of God, we have worked out a plan to help lighten the load to see the mission through. Please see the mission strategy outlined below on how we may accomplish this target goal.

Support, Mission Strategy, and Steps

  • Prayer team – We would like to setup a prayer team to pray and open doors in the heart of each city, town, and community we will be appearing to spread the message of Jesus Christ. (A month a head of deployment)
  • Distribution team – A team to distribute flyer and messaging materials throughout the communities we will be hosting each event or events to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Will be leaning and working with prayer team)
  • Fund raising team – To gather and manage the resources we need to host the event in each location (working with Prayer and distribution team)
  • Set up team – To transport and setup equipment in local churches, community centers, and open field where to host event. (Working with prayer, distribution, and fund-raising team)
  • Security team – to help direct and guide visitors throughout the venue and to ensure everyone is fully informed on event activities, seating, and exits. (will work with all teams)
  • Culinary team – (To prepare and have food, and other substance ready for serving after each event (Will work with all teams.)
  • Organizer team – (to organize and prepare the venue for success and reporting on outcome. (Will work with all teams)
  • Ministers team – Pastors, and leaders to perform baptism, deliver messages, answer questions, and meet with new converts to ensure proper follow up to firmly plant new souls in the kingdom of God.

Gathering Resources Plan

Giving is one of the ways in which we will accomplish mission Jericho, and it is also a calling on the Church to give to see the success of the mission through. We are using this example as demonstrated throughout the Bible to fulfill the great commission of God. One of the examples we see for this to be a success is when God command Moses to build the temple in the wilderness.

Moses having the commission, went to the people God delivered from Egypt for what he needed to complete the mission God gave him, and as we read on, we see through the eyes of history the people from the heart giving to the great commission and so the Ark and all its artifacts were built.

Those capable of building built, those that were master craftsmen give their time, whatever the talent, they give their time, and because they give from what they had, it was mission accomplished.

This mission is not only about giving financially, it is about giving according to the talent God has blessed us with, and that is all we are asking of everyone willing to be a part of this great mission to do. If you can give financially, its not about how much you can give, if you can build, build, cook, cook; whatever it takes, be a part of the family and let us all play our part in this wonderful and rewarding venture.

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For more information please call of drop us a message and we will respond in a timely manner. God blessing and keep you. Let it be done!