Why we need Jesus

The question the world has for us Christians concerning the message we preach is “Why do we need Jesus?” The question is asked because there are a lot of confusion in the world with so many religions fighting for legitimacy, the world is not sure what to believe. But more importantly, the world is looking for an answer to the threat of death because the reality is that as human beings we are dying and will one day die. So “Why do we need Jesus and no one else?”

To answer this question, we would have to step back in history to the day humanity fell from glory. We then will have to come back to today to look at our current condition to confirm this reality. And through this approach, the hope is that the world will be able to see clearly why we need Jesus, and seeing why we need Jesus change their minds and follow him.

We need Jesus because among men, he was the only one to have died, and rose from the grave, the only perfect man to have ever walked the earth after the fall of mankind. Made in his image, God took it upon himself to take on human nature, that is our sinful and weak nature to redeem us from our rebellion.

As a result, Jesus came into the world, his name was and is “Salvation” because the purpose for which he came was and is to save humanity from God’s wrath. First, he came to pay the penalty for our rebellion, the judgment was death and secondly, he came that we might follow him out of harms way. Because the judgment that was commanded was a mighty judgment that will eliminate all life on earth. John 3:18

And to save humanity, Jesus came in the likeness of men, being the first born of Mary the virgin. He came into this world by the power of God born of the Holy Spirit to be God’s perfect sacrifice for sin. And because we couldn’t pay the penalty because we were guilty of sin, God through Jesus paid it on our behalf and now through his death the debt has been paid and we are now free from the punishment.

But although Jesus has paid the price, the story doesn’t end there because still to come is the judgment that is to eliminate all life on earth and because there is still a coming judgement God send his son Jesus born of a virgin that he might rescue his people. And because of this reality, we need Jesus, we need someone to fix this problem of death and dying. We need Jesus because as human, He was the only one to have demonstrated his power over death.

No one but Jesus had done what he had done, to have died and as predicted rose again on the third day, and because he is the only one to have done this of all the men who came declaring their way was the path to life, Jesus was the only one to have confirmed his word by dying and by his power lift himself up from the grave. John 14:6.

We need Jesus because we are dying, the evidence we need a savior is in our hearts and minds. We live with the possibility of dying at any moment, whether we are healthy or not. Humanly, anything can take our lives, we are vulnerable creatures and because we are, we are searching for the solution of escaping death. But there is no other solution but Jesus Christ, and as a member of the human race he has demonstrated his willingness to save us, and his ability to save us, but until we make the fist move to believe in him, whether we live or die, we are standing in the path of destruction because to accept Jesus is  only the first step; the other is to follow him that he might lead us away from destruction.

John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.