Justified by Faith Alone?

Today I would like to talk to you about being justified by faith because we have heard it preached before, “We are justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ” a broad and general statement. And when we speak of being justified by faith alone, do we really understand what it means to be justified by faith in Christ? The answer to this question is often, “We simply need to believe in Jesus and we are then considered justified.”

There is no doubt, if we believe in Jesus, we are justified, but it all depends on what we mean by belief. Are we saying we are justified in Christ without manifestation that proves we do believe, or are we saying we believe with proof and manifestation that we believe?

“Justification is the product of faith in action” Kevin Simpson

Because if we are saying faith without manifestation is justification, we couldn’t be farther from the truth, because the bible also said, “You believe that “God is one”? Good for you! The demons believe it too — the thought makes them tremble with fear!” Because to be justified by faith is more than just to say, we believe in Jesus because justification calls for action for us to truly be justified.  Matthew 3:10.

To drive the point home, we can use two men as an example of what it means to be justified by faith. We will start with Noah. He was justified by his faith when he built the ark that saved his life. The manifestation of his justification was the fact that he survived in the ark, he was justified; therefore, he lived, but the unjustified were swept away in the flood.

Abraham is our next example because when God told Abraham to leave his father’s house and country that he might inherit the promise of God to become a great nation, Abraham packed his belongings and left as God instructed. He was justified by his faith when he gave birth to Isaac, the seed of promise that would bring into reality the nation God promised Abraham. And using these two examples and men has shown us that justification is a result of an action, and in the case of these two men, the result was the manifestation of the promise and their survival. In-other-words, justification is the product of our actions and attitude toward God.