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To effectively accomplish the work of God and to show that we believe in God, we are to know who Jesus is because knowing who Jesus is will allow us to effectively live out the life of God in the earth in accordance with God’s will. It will help us leave behind the spirit of doubt that we might do the work of God which is to proclaim the gospel, raise the dead, heal the sick, and cast out demons in the authority of Jesus Christ to show the world who Jesus is and that he is truly God.

This is such an important matter to know who Jesus truly is to the effect that while he was walking with his disciples, Jesus asked them “Who do men say that I am” to which his disciples replied, “One of the prophets.” The people that were experiencing God’s power through Jesus Christ had not yet understood Jesus was God in the flesh, the savior of the world and not just another prophet. And because of this view, they were left exposed to the danger of falling back into a life of sin, sickness, and death because they were unwilling to completely trust in Jesus who came to radically change their lives.

Jesus came into the world to save his people from their sins, and from the penalty of death caused by sin. But for the people to be saved, they need to see Jesus not just as another prophet, but God, because viewing Jesus as God will radically change how they live their lives and serve him.

Viewing Jesus as God, and not just as another prophet, they will believe in Jesus so that they might be born again receiving the promise of God that will seal those coming to Jesus unto eternal life. God had promised he would, “Pour out his spirit upon all flesh; upon our sons and up our daughters who shall prophesy. Upon our old men who shall dream dreams, upon our young men who shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.” Joel 2:28-29.

But for the people and his disciples to come into this promise, they must understand and know who Jesus is because knowing who Jesus is, they will present themselves to him having the right attitude toward God that they may effectively and openly receive God’s kingdom and authority.

Having the wrong view as to who Jesus is, will place us at a disadvantage because our approach toward Jesus will be as if he was like any other man or one of the prophets. The prophets all came prophesying raising the dead and healing the sick, but like ordinary men, they died. Sent by God, they served kings and nations, but they weren’t the ultimate savior. But unlike the prophets, Jesus was both God and savior, and because he is, he came that we might believe in him and that we might obtain eternal life along with the promise of God.

Standing among his disciples and asking the question “Who do men say that I am? Jesus wanted his disciples to possess the right attitude toward him so that they might take on the leadership and authority he came to give that we might be able to take dominion over the kingdom of God.

The people say he was “One of the prophets” But when he asked the disciples, “Who do you say that I am” Peter replied, “The Son of the living God” Jesus said to Peter, “Upon this rock, I will build my Church” Because knowing who Jesus is, is to take on the confidence that God has given us the authority as God to work and complete the job of the kingdom.

Jesus in response to Peter’s answer told his disciples “The gates of hell will not prevail against his Church” that is those knowing he is God in the flesh because through this knowledge the Church will have taken on the authority that will allow it to challenge and put down the power and kingdom of Satan.

Jesus was able to drive out demons, raised the dead, and heal the sick, and demonstrating his authority over the powers of darkness, Jesus wanted the world to know who he was, and the type of authority he gave us as his disciples. And because Jesus knows the type of authority he has given us, he commands us to, “ Heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead because this is the inheritance of his people and the promise of God that he should bless and cause us to prosper above our enemies.

Therefore, it is vital we understand who Jesus is in relation to ourselves, and in relation to God, and in relation to the Holy Spirit. And knowing Jesus is God and that there is only one God residing in all the authority of the Godhead who came in the flesh that he might redeem humanity from sin, we will do well as his disciples.

Jesus is not just a man, he is God, he is the Creator of the world and all things, and if we collect this view and believe in Jesus as the Creator, we will take on the authority Jesus gave us with the understanding that the Creator has commanded us to rule over the works of his hands and with that in mind we will be able to move mountains.

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