Facing Rejection

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Because believing in Jesus is more than to says we believe in him or have faith in God, standing in faith will be a fruit we demonstrate as believers as we go about doing what Jesus requires we do in his authority. And because we have developed a personal relationship with God, we’ll be able to do the things Jesus calls on us to do, but trusting Jesus is one of the biggest problems we have within the Christian community which is why we are not seeing the greater works Jesus promised being performed in our lives, and the lives of those in darkness in this world.

Jesus sent us out into the world to proclaim the gospel, which is to declare God’s kingdom, to heal the sick to show God is a reality, to speak in the heavenly language, and to raise the dead, and sending us out into the world Jesus did not send us out without proper authority, but has told us through his life and his resurrection from the dead, “He has power both in heaven and earth” before sending us out into the world to proclaim the message of his kingdom.

But because trust is a root factor combined with a poor relationship, and rejections from the world, we seem to give up or begin to question the authority of Jesus. We love being around Jesus and watch him work and when in trouble call on him hoping he will hear us; although, we are doubting his authority. And we do these things and behave this way not because we do not understand who Jesus is, but because we do not have a right relationship with God. John 14:12-14.

Because of the poor relationship we have with God, we are hesitant to do what Jesus commands us to do. But not all of us are hesitant, there are a few among us who have developed a healthy relationship with God, but those of us who have not, are struggling with the call to serve Jesus in ways of proclaiming the gospel; even at times compromising God’s words because of fear and rejection from the world.

However, this is not a new problem, the disciples walking with Jesus ran into this problem of faith and trusting Jesus because they did not have a right relationship with him. And because they did not trust, or have a right relationship with him, the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith because they could not accept what Jesus was saying about himself which was the fact that he was God in person.

But the problem was not that they needed their faith to be increased, they were living with Jesus which gave them experience into the things he can do, the underlying problem was not their faith, or whether they believed; because they had eyes to see the things Jesus had done. The disciples underlying problem was trust and rejection from the world. And because this was a problem for the disciples of Jesus, as it is our own today, Jesus prepared his disciples for what was to become a reality in their lives if they are going to trust and do whatever he commands them to do.

Before the eyes of his disciples, Jesus proved he had power over the natural world to calm the raging seas, power over life to raise the dead, and power over sickness, but the one thing Jesus was not going to do was to use his power to manipulate the free will of men, and because of this reality, and his love for humanity to have allowed us to have command over our free will, Jesus reminded his disciples concerning the things he told them beforehand. Jesus said to his disciples, “The servant is not greater than his lord; therefore, If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.” Because as they go about proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, they will run into rejections and persecutions. John 15:20.

If the disciples were not prepared for this kind of rejection, they will quickly lose faith in Jesus; although, through his demonstrated authority, Jesus gave his disciples the authority to perform miracles such as to, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. But knowing these things, and because of our human nature, we are afraid of how the world will react to our message, we are afraid of rejections, and because we are afraid of rejections we can quickly begin to believe we are powerless against the world believing the message of God is but foolish which will prevent us from standing on the authority Jesus Christ.

To this point, Jesus after speaking to the crowd turned to discover that a lot of his disciples had left off following him because they were offended by his teachings. Jesus at this point from a broken and disappointed heart asked the disciples that were closest to him, “Will you also go away? To which Peter responded, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”

Jesus asked this question of his disciples because he knew in the future to come, to follow him is to be ready for rejections, for if we are not properly prepared, we can lose faith in him. And when we lose faith in Christ because of rejections the work of the kingdom will come to an end in our lives. John 6:66-68.

To this end, it is important we develop a right relationship with Jesus because when we develop a right relationship with Jesus; despite the rejections, and the persecutions, and the insults thrown at the name of Jesus with little response from God to defend his name, because of the relationship we have with God through his Son, and because we know what it means to believe in Jesus, we’ll know and understand Jesus is still God. And understanding Jesus is God, we’ll not abandon him because of the type of relationship we have with God, a relationship that understands what it means to believe in Jesus.

To believe in Jesus and to say we have faith in God, is not to turn away from God when the world rejects us, or when we are placed on a cross, and through our human lens find God unresponsive to our call for help. Instead, we must learn to trust Jesus even in the face of death, even when we are betrayed to be crucified. We will stand with Jesus because we know faith in Jesus is to know who Jesus is, God in person who has given us eternal life, and because we know Jesus in person through the Holy Spirit we will demonstrate our faith in God.

Facing rejection is what we as Christian will encounter when we come to accept Jesus as our King choosing to do as he commands, and when we as Christians have come to learn what it means to trust in Jesus, we’ll not back away from the world, but will force upon it the policies of God, and because we know what it means to have faith in Jesus Christ, we’ll begin to do the things Jesus commands we are to do in his authority. We’ll not pick and choose what we want to believe and do as Christians, but through our relationship with God learn to spend time with God to know what he will have us do. And what Jesus will have us do according to his will and love for humanity is for us to proclaim the gospel that we might save lives to the honor and glory of God despite the rejections we’ll face in the world.

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