Committed Friend

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Knowing Jesus is God’s son, we became disciples willing to identify and declare we are in service unto Jesus Christ, and we know to be effective in the kingdom of God, it is important we know the foundation of our faith must be mixed with trust, we are to learn to trust in the person of Jesus Christ and the authority he has as God’s son. And if we say we believe in Jesus and that there is only but one God, we do well, but we must also remember the devils believe there is only but one God and trembles at the thought because they know without a doubt they will have to face God’s wrath on the appointed day.

Therefore, knowing who Jesus is and standing on the authority of Jesus is important for us to carry out the work of the kingdom, because it is the authority we have in Jesus that will allow us to accomplish the things we are to do. Therefore, as we take our journey of faith with Jesus learning to develop a relationship with him, at some point in our lives, we will have to deal with the issue of commitment, if we truly believe; because for any good relationship to endure, there is a need for us to be committed to one another and if we say we believe in Jesus Christ as our king how do we show we truly believe but for us to commit to Jesus under all types of circumstances.

The call on our lives as disciples of Jesus is to be committed, both to one another as we are to be committed to Jesus Christ, because becoming a disciple of Jesus is all about committing to the leadership of Jesus Christ, and although we understand Jesus to be God’s son calling his people to serve in his kingdom, we are to also understand our relationship with Jesus is not only from the viewpoint of service but also leadership and shared responsibility in the kingdom of God. And because it is a shared responsibility in the kingdom of God, we must learn what it means to stand committed to Jesus Christ which is also another display of our faith at work.

Due to this reality, we are to take into consideration the type of commitment we are to have when we pledge our lives to be like Jesus or to become a Christian because to become a Christian is to submit to the leadership of Jesus Christ and to be identified with him. Therefore, we are to expect nothing good from the world that persecuted Jesus and nailed him to the cross knowing we are to expect the same type of treatment and outcome as did Jesus. Therefore, as disciples of Jesus, we are to expect that our faith in Jesus in respect to the call on our lives to follow Jesus will be tested, so that what we truly believe will come to light as believers which is why we need to understand what it means to believe in Jesus Christ so that we might be able to stand in the face of what seems hopeless.

We must never come to Christ believing the life we now live under the authority of Jesus Christ will be a life of peace in this world and as with the disciples of Jesus, we know we can at times become indecisive as Christians to follow Jesus because of the persecutions we sometimes face, failing to act on the words of Jesus Christ who commands us to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. We are hesitant to act on the words of Jesus because we do not understand what it means to trust in his authority. And because we are not trusting in his authority, we are seeking more faith or evidence Jesus is who he said he is before we are willing to lay down our lives.

Because of this, we are failing to understand what it will take for us to be true disciples of Jesus Christ, and we seem to forget what Jesus said concerning those coming to him. Jesus said, if we are to be true disciples worthy of him, we are to “Take up our cross and follow him.” This means we are to understand the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ before leaping into the fire because to be a disciple of Jesus is to prepare for a life of total commitment to his leadership.

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Said Jesus to his disciples. Total denial of oneself is required for us to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. There can be no compromise, no allowing of our will and beliefs to dominate our lives, but we are to lean on every word of Jesus Christ knowing to be a disciple of Jesus is to be rejected and sometimes killed for what we believe. Luke 9:23.

The life of a disciple is a life of total commitment to the life of Jesus Christ, it is to believe in Jesus with all our hearts committing our lives to his will and to perform the things he commands we are to do to his glory and praise. Therefore, as Christians, we should know to believe in Jesus is to act in his authority, it is to know without a doubt Jesus is God in person, and that he has given us to the authority to complete the work of healing the sick, driving out demons, and to raise the dead.

But the faith that manifests the greater works we are to do in Jesus’ authority will never and cannot become a reality until we are fully committed to Jesus Christ. Faith and commitment go hand in hand, and because it does, the disciples of Jesus asked him to increase their faith because they wanted to ensure they were making the right choice to commit their lives to the service of Jesus who declares he is the son of God.

The proof Jesus was the son of God came later for the disciples that were close to him, that is after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised he would send the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit who would reveal who Jesus was to his disciples in addition to empowering them to complete the mission of the kingdom, and upon receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were able to make the choice to commit to Jesus Christ to the point of death.

Because of this commitment, they saw the wonders of God, they were able to heal the sick, raised the dead among the people, and preached the gospel with power and confidence. And through their individual and cooperate commitment they have brought us the message of salvation so that we might fulfill the word of God in our generation. Therefore, if we know what it means to believe, the promises of God are wonderful because it carries with it the full authority of the kingdom of God. And knowing what it means to believe in Jesus will enable us to cast out demons and see lives changed, to raise the dead and rescue those in darkness, and to heal the sick leading many to salvation because we have learned to trust in God through his son Jesus Christ.

The scripture said, “One generation shall praise him unto another”, but unless we commit to Jesus Christ; knowing what it means to commit to Jesus, we will fail to fulfill our part according to the scripture. Knowing who Jesus is in relation to who we are and the prophets before him, it is equally important we commit to Jesus Christ. And if we want to take part in the promises of God, it is important we understand that total commitment to the life of Jesus is a part of what it means to believe in Jesus Christ. It is not to say we believe in Jesus and read the scriptures, but to live and walk as Jesus walked bringing forth fruit in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ. Psalm 145:4-6.

When one of his disciples asked Jesus’ permission to go and bury his dead, Jesus replied saying, “No man, having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.” To show that for us to be effective in his kingdom will require absolute faith and commitment to him and the work he called us to do. And if we are to be true disciples of Jesus, we must understand the cost, and if we say we believe in Jesus, we must know what it means to commit to Jesus Christ. And because it was important we understand the cost, the disciples of Jesus wanted more proof from Jesus he was indeed the Messiah because they knew once they commit to following Jesus there was no turning back, but having received the Holy Spirit and understanding who Jesus is, their commitment was sure unto death demonstrating what it means to believe in Jesus Christ.

There is no doubt Jesus came into the world to save his people from their sins, he came to demonstrate God’s love and have shed his grace in our hearts, but that is not to say we are not to learn what committing to Jesus Christ meant because to be saved and to become a disciple of Jesus Christ is to commit to the total leadership of Jesus Christ and to follow him even in death as believers. Faith without works is dead, that is to say, it is impossible for us to believe in God and produce no fruit of obedience, for to believe in God is to believe in his son and when we believe in his son we will obey and do what he calls us to do as his disciples committing to his cause as a true friend of God.

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