Spectacle for Christ has launched their community platform at churchsocial.ca. Now members that supports Spectacle for Christ can engage each other in a meaninful way as they sharpen and encourage each other in the faith and ministry of the comoing kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Through hard work, faith, and a commitment to create a space whre Christians can come together in support of each other, and where families can gather without worrying about the type of content their children are being fed. Spectacle for Christ has created a space where Christians can feel free to share their faith and educate their children in the things of God.

The grand launch of the site is set for the Spring of 2023, and is curerntly being beta tested by a few members before launching the site to the rest of the chruch commmunity. Users however, can go a head and creat an account and provide feedback before the launch date…

You can sign up for your account at churchsocial.ca Join!