One of the missions of the Christian Church is to recruit and make disciples for the kingdom of God, but to do that we need a communication network through which we can distribute the word of God. The world is good at using the communication channels available to accomplish their mission, and for us to combat their message that we might get the truth of the gospel out to those in darkness, we need to create and support a social network of our own.

So as a response to the social networks of the world that has been influencing our children with the message of the world, we have created a Christian social media site where Christians can come together, invite, and share their message with their friends and world.

As part of our year 2020 plan, Spectacle for Christ International Ministries would like you to support this initiative to popularize this Christian network. Our plan is to invite Church members from every branch of the Christian community to join us, and in joining the network, we will grow into a communication network giant. Supporting this mission will give us access to many of the benefits that will help support the many ministries we have within our communities.

Because it makes sense, we support the cause of Christ advancing the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of the world. Join us today.