Prayer is Power

We believe in prayer and that it is a conversation with God, and so as Christians we are inviting you to make your request should there be a need for us to help you have a conversation with God concerning anything you may need help or direction with.

Avada Church is a movement of churches working together to change the nation through a network of church leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources. Giving God all the glory he deserves. 

To make a prayer request, we encourage you to make your request at the link provided below and there you will find a group of faithful Christians awaiting your request, and if you would like someone to get in touch and talk with you, please let that be known.

Keep this in consideration when you are making your request to speak with someone that we are not license counsellors and will only provide direction accordingt to the inspired word of God. If you would like to speak with a professional counsellor please let that be known, but keep in mind we will always prayer with you and help you whre we can.

Make Your prayer request