Join us in fulfilling the scripture by taking the gospel throughout the world.


Help us fulfill the scripture by taking the gospel throughout the world.

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The Bible told us God sent his son into the world to save us from our sins, this is widely known among Christians, but to help us with the details behind this message we need to preach as Christians, we will be diving deep into the many ways we can look at salvation in addition to being saved from an eternal hell, and in addition to the saving of our souls. Because if there is anything we need to take away from this message is the reality there is also a coming judgment. 

Now, because of this coming judgment, we need to be preaching the gospel, and if we say we love our Neighbour, we will preach this gospel, and we will do so with urgency. And as we preach, let us take into consideration, love is not about accepting sin and confirming sin, it is to address the reasons why we are facing judgment and need to repent and come to Christ.  

So, whether you believe or not, or agree, the one thing we need to practice as Christians is listening. James 1:19 “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:” and through this method, we might learn something that has always been there when reading the bible, we may have missed so that together we might grow to become more unify and effective in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth… 

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