There is a common knowledge among us humans, a common sense we will one day die, and when we connect that common understanding to the belief in God, our desire then is to distance ourselves from the story of Adam and his rebellion, and sin against God that led to human suffering.

Some of us knowing the truth are quick to distance ourselves from the reality of Adam by relying to this reality by saying, “I had nothing to do with what Adam did, so why should I have to pay for his sin, and why do I have to accept Jesus in order to enter God’s coming kingdom?

These are two important questions, “I had nothing to do with the sin of Adam, I was not there, so why do I have to pay for his sin. And again, why must I accept Jesus to enter God’s coming kingdom?”

Well, if we are asking this question to genuinely understand why we need to accept Jesus in order to enter God’s coming kingdom, and why we are held accountable for the sin of Adam. The simple answers to these questions are these truths:

We belong to the human family of Adam, but that is if we are willing to accept what the bible has to say concerning our human history. And secondly, we need to accept Jesus because he is the only way to enter God’s coming kingdom based on the evidence of his resurrection.

Now, because we belong to the human family of Adam, we are known to be the children of Adam, therefore children of a sinner. And because Adam is a sinner, his children are born sinners. And because we are our father’s children the penalty that falls on Adam has become something we inherit as members of the human family.

The penalty of God’s judgment was applied to the whole life of Adam, and as his children it falls on us to pay the debt left behind by our father. The life of Adam has become the inheritance of his children and the debt left behind has fallen on us.

For example, if you are living with your parents who over time had accumulated a great amount of debt they needed to have paid before passing on. If they were to have passed on before paying that debt, would it not be left up to the children to pay the debt of their parents otherwise they would lose their inheritance?

Well, looking at the sin of Adam from this point of view, we can understand as members of the Adam family we ourselves are accountable for this debt Adam has lefty behind for us to pay. While Adam was alive, the debt was on his shoulders to pay, but now that he has died leaving behind a debt to be paid that debt is now on the shoulders of his children.

Romans 6:23, “The wage of sin is death.” And because we are the children of Adam, we are called to account for the debt of Adam and the requirement is for us to pay the debt with our lives.

At some point in our lives, we will pay this debt, and the fear of paying this debt is the reality we will be cut off from the inheritance of life forever. This is the commonality we share as humans and members of the Adam family. We love life, and it is no one desire to die. However, the reality we face in a common way is the fact we will one day die, and by dying we will then pay our part of the debt.

But here is the reality and fear we have; we love life and have come to recognise that life is our lost inheritance upon dying. Because when we die, we know there is no power in us to restore ourselves in the inheritance of life Adam so lost when he rebelled against God.

Nonetheless, that hope we have inside; the will to live that we might hold on to our eternal inheritance is not far reaching because the end of Romans 6:23 has provided us that hope and possibility through the one we have need to accept if we are going to enter God’s eternal coming kingdom.

Romans 6:23 talks about the gift of God, and it is a gift because God through the life of Jesus is restoring the lost inheritance of Adam to the children of Adam. But for us to be restored in the lost inheritance of everlasting life, we must first accept the one who paid the debt on our part and his name is Jesus Christ.

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” We can hold on to the inheritance of life if we will come to Jesus Christ.