Escaping Judgment

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As we continue to read through and review the message of Psalm one to uncover what it means to be blessed, and why the righteous is blessed, the next question we have on our mind is the view point of the Psalmist and why he wrote the Psalm. And as we review the message, we have come to discover that the message is regarding the coming kingdom of God and the judgment that goes along with the appearance of the kingdom of God.

From reading Psalm one, it is clear the path the wicked travels are one of destruction, a path we must avoid if we are to stand, prosper, or receive God’s blessing.  The behavior of the wicked the bible describes as path, ways, and attitudes are objections, rebellions which are the refusal to follow God’s direction for life which is why he will not stand in judgment but is described as chaff that is tossed to the wind to be carried away.

The Psalm also seems to suggest the wicked are aware of God’s instruction to be able to stand, prosper, or receive God’s blessing. But in some way show the wicked has taken the position to rebel against God’s word. Their behavior, their position, and their mocking show they are aware of God’s warning but has openly rejected God’s advice.

But contrary to the wicked, the righteous chose the opposite. The righteous chose to obey the word and advice of God. God’s word to the righteous is of great value, it is a blessing, tangible information they can act on to escape God’s wrath against sin. And because of the position of the righteous compared with that of the ungodly, the righteous are blessed and were able to stand in the face of judgment.

Because the righteous count God’s word as a valuable commodity, they acted on the warning, and at the end of judgment benefited from obeying God’s valuable instruction for their lives. And unlike the ungodly, the righteous did not mock nor walk in step with the wicked; they did not mock or take light God’s warning, but instead meditated on God’s word every day to remind themselves they need to act in preparation to what God has revealed.

Because of their obedience, and because they consistently reminded themselves “God will one day judge the earth” The righteous were able to stand in the face of judgment because they were prepared for what God was about to do. The ungodly unlike the righteous were swept away in judgment because they took light God’s word, they were unprepared because of their mocking, and because they did not set themselves ready to understand God’s message they were overthrown.

“The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Therefore, the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.” And because the ungodly were unprepared, and because they failed to obey, or follow God’s instruction, they were swept away in God’s wrath.

It points back to the days of Noah when the earth was filled with violence that moved God to pronounce judgment against mankind, but during pronouncement of judgment God looked upon Noah with favor warning him to prepare for what was to come. Noah being a righteous man because he was obedient acted on God’s word, and in acting he saved his life and those with him. However, the ungodly and those mocking the message God sent to the nation were swept away in the flood.


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