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Let your light shine before men that they may see the way to Christ and be saved. We are the light of the world.

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The Bible Explained

26 Apr

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is the mission of every believing Christian, and if we believe in God and have faith in his son, why are we not seeing...

Biblical Evidences

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02 May

Before the death and resurrection of Jesus, Peter and his friends were willing to fight to see the reality of the promised kingdom, and they were willing to...

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Face Your Giants

09 Feb

There is an expectation among believers that the return of Jesus Christ is near. It is a common belief among Christians, we believe Jesus will return and while...

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24 May

What is God communicating through Psalm one? For many of us calling Jesus king, it's a message for us to avoid the counsel of the ungodly, a message to reject...